Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let's Relax and Make a Milkshake :)

It's weekend! Weekend is for me doing fun things with friends/ boyfriend and combine it with some relaxing.  And relaxing for me is most of the time, enjoy a face mask or making delicious food. Today I am doing both ;)
A few moments ago I made this lovely mikshake!

2 Bananas
1 Mango
100 ml Milk
100 ml Yoghurt
1 teaspoon Vanilla Aroma

And then just mix it in a blender! Yummie!

While I will be drinking this lovely milkshake I am going to watch Jane by Design with a face mask on :) And maybe painting my nails! Wich one will I choose? The Romantic Roses or the Refreshing Raspberry? 

A little more about Jane by Design. This lovely serie is my new addiction! This is so fun to watch and also an inspiration source for me! Just great and fashionable :)

Okey I will go start my relaxing ritual now! 

What is your relaxing ritual? What do you think about Jane by Design? And maybe any tips for lovely milkshakes or smoothies? Let me know!
I love every comment and thank you so much for reading!



  1. Really cool post!! And OMG Jane by Design is my addiction too!!! I love love love that show!! Cool post.
    xoxo asiahlynn

  2. I LOVE milkshakes..and everything with yoghurt and fruits!! :)


  3. Yummy milkshake,I am going to make one:),but with strawberry.:)

  4. lovely relaxing time!!

  5. Looks great!

  6. mmmilkshake <3 !!

  7. The smoothie looks so good! I want to make one now, I haven't had one in forever. Sounds like a very relaxing day :)


  8. That looks so yummy :)
    I like to do my nails hehe
    Fee Xx


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