Monday, August 6, 2012

Outfit post: 'Hot but Rainy'

What to wear when it's hot but there's also great change it will rain? 
I was standing in front of my closet for over an hour, and nothing was good enough... reconize that? I was heading for a birthday party of a friend, so it had to be not over the top chique but also not to casual... Well after trying a lot of combinations, this is the final result!
Let me know what you think :)

 'The Inside Outfit'
(Well just with the blazer on..)

'The Outside Outfit'

Jeans ~ LTB
Shirt ~ Silvercreek
Blazer ~ Only
Heels ~ Marco Tozzi
Ring ~ Primark
Earrings ~ V&D (also seen in previous post)

On the shirt is written: 'The Journey Should Feel Like Home' . I love that line, cause I think that is so true! Enjoy as much as possible in life, so why not the journey :)

Love that you are all reading and commenting! Thank you so much <3

M' loes.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

'Summer is the best'

Oke, I really wanted to do an outfit post today...but, I was just having too much fun with my boyfriend! We really enjoyed the Saturday together :) I did a little shopping and we had a drink in the sun... The perfect summer day! So, instead of an outfit post, here is an impression of my day (and the new stuff I bought, all on sale of course)!

Sweater ~ LIV
Earrings ~ V&D

And this lovely day isn't over yet, in a few minutes I will go out for dinner with my parents and boyfriend :)

Just enjoying the good life:)

Have a great weekend!